Center for Spiritual Awakening




Community Events

Sunday Service- Second Sunday of the Month 10am via Zoom. Contact us for Zoom link.

Join us for Spiritual Community, Dharma talk, guided meditation and inspiration.

Meditation Practice & Kirtan - In person, Contact us for upcoming dates.

In these evenings we utilize simple yet powerful meditative practices to help us access the spiritual dimension of our being and remember who we are beneath the often distracting veneer of ordinary life.
We will share 45 minutes of meditation practices, followed by a short break and 1/2 hour of Zikr/Kirtan. No prior experience with these practices is required, though we warmly welcome all alumni from previous Diamond Light retreats, medita
tion groups and classes and look forward meeting again in the profoundly transformative space that these practices provide.

Explorations into Death/Dying/Grief/Awakening - Contact us for dates.

One of the most poignant things about being human is the reality that our life in these bodies will come to an end.
Our culture sadly lacks venues in which we can deeply explore the ways in which the inevitability of death informs our experience of living. This group is for anyone who wants to harvest the spiritual transformation that is catalyzed by bringing the inevitability of death to the forefront of our attention, including but not limited to those who are grieving the death of a loved one, caring for someone who is near the end of their life, facing their own approaching death, or curious to explore the this deep universal mystery in new ways

Silent Mediation Retreats - Residential in person, Contact us for upcoming dates.

In an atmosphere of silence, solitude, meditation and healing, we will engage in a variety of intensive and ecstatic practices designed to free us from our habitual constrictions of identity, enabling us to merge with the Infinite and then re-emerge and resculpt our personal selves to more effectively serve our highest purpose.