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Diamond Light Center for Spiritual Awakening

Diamond Light Center for Spiritual Awakening is a contemplative spiritual organization dedicated to facilitating the process of spiritual awakening for seekers from all walks of life and religious backgrounds who feel called to explore and actualize the spiritual potential of human life.

We believe that Spiritual Realization is the ultimate goal and purpose of Life, and we utilize a multitude of traditional and innovative meditative practices, to delve beyond the limitation of habitual ordinary consciousness to uncover the vast stillness of Rembrance inherent within.

We offer classes in Meditation, Energy Healing, Spiritual Teachings, Residential and daylong Silent Meditation Retreats and Hands-on Healing Techniques.

We also offer:
One-on-one Spiritual Counseling, Mentoring and Ministerial Training, Group Worship Services, Chanting and Meditation Groups.

Our ministers are available for Weddings, Baby Blessings, Sacred Ceremonies and End of Life Spiritual Support Counseling.

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Diamond Light Center is a nonprofit 501(c)3.
All donations are tax deductible.

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